You Are A Marketable Product!!

Here is the first place where you can highlight your skills, talents, and trade on sports, buy/sell cryptocurrency products all in one place. We created a HIPHOP token (HHT) to celebrate the genre that changed so many lives daily.

Are you an artist, musician, what about a film production company? We offer free and PPV live broadcasting. We have a radio Station and Podcast. Concert and Sports Bookings. All that you need to advertise and market yourself is under one website! We know you love sports; we do not promote gambling here but we do promote trading sports. Its profitable and safe.

Here at UrTradeable, you can trade yourself. Yes, market yourself as a stock option and make money on your image. We are building a platform designed to encourage Individual Stock Trading. It is a concept unheard of and only is creating this environment. What is Individual Stock Trading?

Individual Stock Trading is an idea created by Urtradeable. We asked ourselves, if a company can have stock that individuals can buy and sell, why can’t a human also become a stock? Each company is composed of individuals that creates the company. So instead of the stock this time going to a company divided by individuals. You become the source of the stock. The more viewers you receive the higher your stock worth becomes. Your name and your image becomes a personal stock option here at urtradeable. Imagine your friends saying " I am going to go buy you." Sounds crazy huh?? Well not anymore. Here at You are your own limitation. We are the so called “ Wall Street Youtube” of marketing and trading.
Come to the best!

Smart Contracts are the future here at Urtradeable we use smart contracts to ensure that transactions are safe and speedy.

The perfect place for expression, the perfect place for being you

Here at Urtradeable, we believe you have the right to express yourself while maintaining privacy and security. Every transaction is highly monitored, so you know for sure that your money, time, and talents are safe.

Technical innovation